St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church

111 Sixth Street, Clarksville, Virginia 23927


Our Rector . . .

The Very Rev. Susan Grimm came to Mecklenburg County in June, 2006, as the Deacon-in-Charge, and then Priest-in-Charge of the Central Mecklenburg Cure, composed of St. Timothy’s and St. John’s Church, Chase City. In June, 2008, she became Rector of St. Timothy’s.

Susan+ (Miss Susan to the children) is a graduate of the School of Theology at the University of the South-Sewanee (M.Div), and has a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Richmond. She and Gabriel and Kitten (two rescue kitties, one from Alabama and one from Tennessee) love living in Southside Virginia. Susan+ enjoys quilting and sewing and the cats enjoy messing with the fabric. She gardens without them for that reason!

“I’ve always seen my ministry in two different ways,” she says. “I see myself as a lens, to help folks see something in a new light, to correct vision as needed, and if necessary, to start a fire or two! I also use my interest in textiles to call myself a weaver: to weave together disparate people and interests, in the hope that we can all become whatever it is that God intends for us to be.”

Susan+ is currently nearing the end of a 5 year process toward her D.Min. from Sewanee. She also serves the Diocese as the Dean of Convocation 9 in the Diocese of Southern Virginia.  She has served previous terms on the Standing Committee (President) and the Executive Board of the Diocese.

Our lay leaders . . .

Altar Guild: Rusty and Helen Massingill lead the teams of men and women who prepare the Altar for Sunday worship, polish brass, and decorate our sanctuary with flowers.

Acolytes: Billy Crowder and Rusty Massingill work one-on-one with the young people who serve at the Altar on Sundays.

Buildings and Grounds: Our Junior Warden, Cassandra Smith and Chris Bailey leads teams of folks who do general maintenance around the building and grounds.

Choir: Jean Crowe and Reginald Davis lead the Choir, and plan special music events for our whole community.

Christian formation for adults: Susan+ leads various formation classes, including Confirmation and Reception preparation.

Christian Formation for children: Miss Chris (Garrison) and Miss Debbie (Hall) are our dedicated Sunday School teachers, who teach our growing children, and help them learn more about the Lord.

Episcopal Church Women: Susan Kyte is the president of the ECW. The Women of the Church serve our parish community and the wider community by their fundraising, gardening, and donations.

Fellowship, including coffee hour: Nancy Leiter leads the work of the people who volunteer to provide coffee hour on Sundays, and also minister to those in need with funeral receptions. Those teams also spearhead our many fellowship activities, including picnics.

Food Pantry: Don and Ellen Koch lead both our church’s and our community’s efforts to feed the hungry.

Lectors: Martin Beekman conducts periodic training and refresher courses for our Lectors.

Ministry Scheduling: Our Parish Administrator, Barbara Birdsong, schedules lay leaders in worship on Sundays.

Stewardship: David Howell leads the effort to support our parish in time, talent and treasure.

Vacation Bible School: Ellen Koch serves as our liaison for the Clarksville Ecumenical Vacation Bible School, which is sponsored in rotation by the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist churches in town.

Worship: Susan+ incorporates the various worship ministries teams (Altar Guild, ushers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, intercessors, lectors, acolytes, etc.) in planning and executing both regular and special event worship services.

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Who We Are

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church 111 Sixth Street Clarksville, VA 23927 434-374-8611

The watermark is a stylized version of our Rose Window in the Sanctuary.

Our Parish leadership. . . .

The Very Rev. Susan Grimm, Rector

Claudia Lockhart, Parish Administrator

Reginald Davis, Parish Musician

Jean Crowe, Choir Director

Susan Kyte, Episcopal Church Women


2013 Vestry

David Howell, 2013, Senior Warden

Robbie Robinson, 2013, Junior Warden

Martin Beekman, 2013

Ellen Koch, 2014

Nancy Leiter, 2014

Jane Lipscomb, 2014

Billy Crowder, 2015

Munsey Moore, 2015

Cassandra Smith, 2015

Larry Garrison,

       ex officio, Treasurer

Mary Robinson,

       ex officio, Register

Vestry meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall. All are welcome to attend. Please call the Rector or the Senior Warden to confirm that a meeting will be

held, as we do occasionally take a month off during the summer!

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