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We come to worship . . .

St. Timothy’s Church, Clarksville is a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. That means that we are a relational church. The Episcopal Church is formed of Dioceses, each of which is headed by a Bishop. The Greek for bishop is Episkopos, hence our name. We are related to other churches in our diocese, other dioceses in The Episcopal Church (which includes Anglicans in other countries) and with other provinces of the Anglican communion. While we function at a local level, we know that everything we do relates to and affects the other churches in the Communion.

We are also a church which is eucharistically centered. That means that we regard the celebration of Eucharist (Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper) to be the primary worship of the church, and with some few exceptions, it’s what we do every time we gather to worship.

We are a church which is focused on the Word of God, Jesus Christ, and the word of God as revealed in Holy Scripture. Understanding Scripture to be the record of God at work in the world and in relationship with all of God’s people, we also include a great deal of Scripture in our regular worship. Typically, you will find 4 lessons being read during a Sunday service.

The Episcopal Church, and Anglicans generally, value Scripture, tradition, and reason. We read Scripture through the lens of centuries of faithful Christians before us, and through the lens of our own life’s experiences. We understand that God is still at work in the world, and in each of us.

Our worship is many other things, such as Trinitarian, prayerful, creedal, and open to all. It is the Lord’s table around which we gather, and since Jesus welcomes you, we can do no less.

Please join us!

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What We Do

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church 111 Sixth Street Clarksville, VA 23927 434-374-8611

The watermark is a stylized version of our Rose Window in the Sanctuary.

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And we leave to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we are the hands and feet of Christ in the world . . .

Clarksville is a small community, but one of our greatest gifts is the ecumenical nature of what the various churches do in the community and St. Timothy’s members often take a leading role in those events and services.

The various churches in Clarksville host Advent and Lenten Wednesday worship and fellowship events and have for many years. Each church takes a turn, and we all have the joy of worshiping in each other’s traditions, followed by great food. The host church provides the worship leader and meal, and another one of the pastors or deacons is the guest preacher. We do something similar when we host an early Easter Sunrise Service at the Amphitheater at Occoneechee State Park. It’s an absolutely glorious place to welcome the Resurrection!

The Food Pantry is a joint outreach of the churches in the Clarksville area, providing emergency food supplies to folks in need on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Located in the Community Center, it is staffed in rotation by 8 churches, one a week, and St. Timothy’s is one of those 8. Also located there is a Clothes Closet. Our own Don and Ellen Koch serve as the Food Pantry coordinators. The children of our Sunday School have become our collection managers, focusing on a particular food group each month.

Within the St. Timothy’s community, we respond to various needs both within the area and in our country and around the world. The Rector’s discretionary fund is well supported and aids any who have needs which are not being met in other ways. We have paid medical bills, paid for a portion of a sick child’s dream vacation, and helped burned-out families and women and children seeking safe housing, among many other things. We have several dedicated knitters and crocheters who prepare prayer shawls and blankets for individuals known to us, and individuals in hospice services. (They welcome your contributions of yarn or money for yarn.) The Women of the Church are involved in many outreach programs, with a specific focus on occasion, such as Backpack Buddies for children at Clarksville Elementary.

Part of our care of each other includes meals for those who are sick and visits to the homebound or nursing-home bound. It’s also important to us that our children learn to see Jesus in every face that they see, so we make sure they are incorporated in those activities. It’s wonderful to see faces light up when the Sunday School class visits the Nursing home with little gifts they have made for folks!

St. Timothy’s also sees itself as a resource for the community. The Rector is often invited to lead events, or pray over them in the community, and will see any in need by appointment. We also invite groups within the community to use our building, but ask that certain rules be observed, and dates be checked to avoid duplicate events in one space!

Visiting at Easter

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